Visanet dating draft guidelines for validating treatment processes

Incomplete renewal applications or renewal applications that are not received by MOM at least two weeks before the expiry date will not be processed.

The employing company may have to submit a new application for the pass holder instead.

On or before this date, credit unions must provide their Visa cardholders with the option to participate in the service.

Transaction alerts will work for transactions processed on a consumer card, excluding a non-reloadable card, and routed as follows: Transaction alerts have many benefits for issuers and cardholders.

The overarching benefit is that the alerts help to reduce fraud.

Some Regional Centers encourage the perception that, because Regional Centers are Government designated, the investments have the Government’s stamp of approval. Please be aware that all Regional Centers are Government designated for purposes of “immigration”, not for the investment.

Generally three months before your EP is due to expire, an Employment Pass Renewal Form will be sent to your employer’s registered address.

The renewal application should be completed and submitted to MOM at least four weeks before the pass expires.

Express Visa Processing Time: 36 hours from the time of submission (Excluding Friday, Saturday and any UAE Holiday) Express Visa Submission Time: Applications need to be submitted in between am to noon.

The mandated deadline to be in compliance is October 14, 2016.

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