Freshman dating senior illegal

It's only a "case" because the senior is 18 and "legally" an adult. If a senior and a freshman want to date and hook up, good for them. This isn't a case of a coach, teacher, HS grad trying to pick up a freshman. I know a few couples that started dating when one was a senior in HS and another a freshman in HS that ended up married.

Oh and both girls said the relationship was completely consensual.

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Plus you are 17/18 and she's only 14/15- sometimes there is a lack of maturity. I don't understand condoning a relationship representing an at least three year age gap in high schoolers.well i can see why there'd be a poblm i am a junior and i know if i was the parent of a freshman girl who just finished 8th grade i wouldnt want her dating some of the guys in my grade, they would probably try to take advantage of her.Then again if they are just normal people two years makes no difference and they should go right ahead. 2 years is fine in high school and three is kinda pushing it. The only one that's not good in my opinion is freshman with senior, then that just goes sour. There's no "should" or "shouldn't" here, you don't need our approval, stop being so insecure and if you like her just go for it. Freshman with junior, sophomore with senior, and all inbetween are fine.

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