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One such campaign linked to online dating scams has proven to be especially damaging because it is powered by Necurs — the largest spam botnet in the world.

It’s quite possible this is one of the oldest Russian Orthodox icons of Hanseatic times, by all indications dating to the second half of the fifteenth century, making it particularly valuable,” Kormashov stated.

The fifteenth century was a time of flourishing for icon painting, and, Kormashov believes the icons of the St. The icon first caught the elder Kormashov’s eye, being painted in a simplified nineteenth century style while hanging on an iconostasis dating to 1686.

Indeed, the Necurs administrator has been known to rent out the botnet infrastructure to various top-tier cybercriminals seeking to distribute spam.

However, as the Necurs source code and its ownership remain closely-guarded by the administrator, the service is typically only available to heavily-vetted elite cybercriminals.

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