Dumb dating

Maybe you've come across them in your office, school - or worse - even in your extended family!

Consider yourself lucky to have stumbled upon the most massive list of useless information you’ll find on the Internet!

Pickup Lines for Android What It Does: Provides a forum to submit pickup lines, allows users can rate the ones that are most effective. This app is perfect for men who have never paid any sort of attention to their significant others, and therefore have no idea what their interests might be or how to speak to them.

Gives ring tips, location advice, and ways to ask her parents for permission.

Get your fill of botched burglaries, ridiculous robberies, and hilarious heists several times each week.

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Here's what a woman's stuffed animals say about her:1.

Classic Teddy Bear She's an old-fashioned, down-to-earth, refined woman who not only enjoys the great outdoors, but will probably win over your mom.2.

You've got a sentimental, tender-hearted girl on your hands.

Wine and dine this one — she's probably the type who journals daily and keeps movie tickets.

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    Since its formation in 2015, ICHS has established a cohort of 29 affiliated faculty who represent a diverse array of departments drawing from UCSF’s four top-ranked professional schools (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy) and Graduate Division; and whose talents are evidenced by a host of honors including 5 National Academy of Medicine members, a National Academy of Sciences member, 2 members of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, 3 NIH Director’s Awards, 2 Sloan Foundation Fellows, an HHMI Faculty Scholar, and Mac Arthur Foundation Fellow.